The employee satisfaction survey is an essential tool for companies to understand the level of satisfaction of their employees in relation to management, office relations, work benefits, facilities, and work ethic.

Employees are an essential part of any business. It’s wrong for the manager to think that simply paying salaries on time are enough to keep the team motivated at work.

1. What is an employee satisfaction survey?

Think of it as organisational climate research.

Its main objective is to detect what the employees’ expectations about the company are, what they think about internal feedback policies and their possibilities of career advancement.

In addition, the research also seeks to understand what employees think about their salaries, benefits, enhancement and professional knowledge offered by the company, and the role of leaders and colleagues in the conduct of their work.

2. Pros?

The answers reveal a lot about how business values, mission, vision, and purpose work in practice, and can therefore be used to dictate strategy changes within the company. Remember that a company’s internal environment reflects on outside audiences, which makes customer satisfaction research even more critical.

3. When?

Ideally, research should be done once a year or whenever symptoms arise, such as:

1. Absences

When lacking motivation any excuse is tested to skip work.

2. Medical Leave

Stress in the work environment can affect the health of employees, who end up getting sick more often.

3. Customer Complaints

Unmotivated employees do not have the patience to serve customers.

4. Resignation Requests

The loss of talent implies several losses for the company, which will have to be spent on the replacement, training and integration of new employees.

5. Errors

This is a symptom that generates a lot of rework, which ends up causing financial loss.

6. Complaints amongst Employees

Complaints about bosses and colleagues are a sign that the climate in the work environment can be testing.

4. How?

It can be helpful to think of employee satisfaction research divided into three major topics: management, professional development, and benefits.

On the subject of management, think about questions to find out how employees see their senior managing staff.

In professional development, question employees about their abilities, what they want to develop within the company, how satisfied they are with the current position they hold, and if they believe they can reach higher positions and feel more valued.

When addressing the benefits, focus on questions about what programs could be included to improve the health, well-being and productivity of employees.

Do not forget that the survey should be confidential. This will establish a relationship of trust and guarantee sincere answers.

For convenience, the search can be made available online. The important thing is to send reminders, via email, about the deadline for responding and the importance of the participation of all employees.

5. How to have good results with satisfaction survey?

1. Approach the team

Create practices so that employees get to know each other better and understand the difficulties of each area and department. In addition, encourage leaders, managers, and directors to be close to the team.

2. Offer feedback

Leaders should give individual feedback to employees and show where the errors are and how to correct them. Constructive criticism and praise should also be part of feedback so that employees feel valued.

3. Encourage learning

How about helping with the costs of a course or offering a good book on the market for each team member? The stimulus to learning shows the employee that the company cares about their professional development, which will guarantee a lot of motivation.

4. Encourage participation

Encourage employees to give ideas to solve problems or improve processes.

Even if ideas cannot be applied immediately, this is one way to show that team opinion is important, which will help make the environment lighter and more relaxed.

Has this answered some of the main questions about employee satisfaction research?

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