Encouraging employees to look after their health creates benefits for both them and their employers.

Keep the workforce healthy and you will increase the productivity of the professionals and preserve the knowledge and talent within the company. With their health in safe hands, employees will become more engaged and motivated to achieve their professional and personal goals.

Everyone knows that to reap the most benefits, exercise needs to become a habit. For this to happen it needs to be easy, fun, and close-by.

Therefore, implementing a health program for employees is not a cost but rather an investment. Research shows that every £1 invested in employee health leads to a £4 return to the company, with increased productivity.

2. Motivation as a management tool

Using motivation as a management tool is an excellent strategy. There are many ways to motivate employees and offering high salaries is not always the most effective.

Motivated employees are more focused, exceed goals and are more productive. Companies that have motivated employees are more competitive, earn more and have an attractive working environment.

Here are some tips to motivate employees:

  • Invest in their development with training, training, career plan, mentoring and coaching
  • Encourage people management. Not just HR or managers should be concerned with team development, giving and receiving feedback and deploying the culture of dialogue with the presence of inspiring leadership
  • Promote quality of life. Offer seasonal fruit for office snacks, make agreements with wholefood restaurants, set up a space for leisure and rest in the office, liaise with a nutritionist.
  • Strengthen internal communication. Communicate clearly and directly the objectives of the company and invest in efficient communication channels. Organise work lunches and events.
  • Offer an attractive benefits package. Health and dental plans, gym memberships, training opportunities, extended maternity or paternity leave and flexible work arrangements.
  • Respect the workday and break times. Ask for overtime only for urgent projects, encourage rest breaks, lunchtimes and 8 hours of sleep.
  • Work recognition. Whether through a public compliment, a symbolic prize, a cash bonus, or a day off.

It is no longer necessary to invest large amounts of financial resources to set up a gym or club of your own. Consider instead setting up a corporate membership to GymPass which lets the employee choose a gym that suits them.

Benefits of Exercise for the Employees

  • Exercise has many direct benefits for employees as well. Awareness and increase of self-esteem, improvement of the immune system, reduction of anxiety and depression, restoration of sleep quality and reduction of the risk of death and diseases caused by the sedentary lifestyle are some of them.
  • Exercise has benefits beyond weight loss. When each person finds the sport that suits their lifestyle, they can see benefits like improved flexibility, muscle tone, lung capacity, bone strength, disease prevention, decreased stress levels and anxiety.
  • Relieving tension and having fun practicing physical exercises are ways to reenergise if you’re feeling sluggish. Incredible as it may seem, dedicating oneself to a sport makes one feel less tired. Body and mind are renewed, and the willingness to work and to challenge becomes much greater.
  • The results achieved at work, in relation to improving the mood and the ability to think fast and solve problems, are gains that reflect positively on your career.
  • Physical exercises also prevent LER (Repetitive Strain Injury), improve body posture, and reduce stress levels. Currently, most occupations are performed seated, for many hours and in front of the computer.

Benefits of Exercise for the Company

  • The practice of physical exercise is also reflected in professional life. It improves concentration, increases productivity, improves posture, increases energy, relieves tension, stimulates good mood, and improves interpersonal relationships – all that are interests of the employer!
  • Companies that offer physical activity as one of its benefits, in addition to attracting and retaining great talent, have on-the-job health workers, and can reduce delays and shortages by up to 40%. This decrease in hours and lost work days is reflected positively in the company’s finances. A company that detects a high number of employees with influenza, for example, can promote a vaccination campaign and prevent the same problem the following year.

But how?

There are various ways to introduce healthier attitudes in the workplace to benefit from these advantages:

  • Encouraging physical exercise, including small things like taking the stairs instead of the lifts, going for a walk at lunchtime, walk or cycle to work, stay hydrated
  • Offering healthy eating programs, including encouraging healthy snacks in the office
  • Promotion of campaigns against smoking and alcoholism
  • Carrying out actions to control cholesterol and prevent stress, diabetes, depression, hypertension, and obesity

When companies offer sports as a corporate benefit, they’re seen as competitive, modern and concerned about the health and productivity of their employees. And employees enjoy improvements that present visible results in their personal and professional lives.

After all, people who practice coordinated and monitored physical exercises, coupled with healthy eating and habits, result in a happier, more energetic and healthier life.

By putting these tips into practice, you can see in the short term the benefits of offering physical activities to increase the motivation and productivity of your employees. For more tips on how to empower employees and keep them engaged, check out what Pietro Carmignani, Gympass’ UK manager, says here about how we can benefit you.


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