Gympass is turning 10! Although that seems like a lot, we’re just getting started on our journey to making wellbeing universal. In case you don’t know much about us yet, we’ve answered 10 questions you might have:

1. Who are we?

We’re Gympass, your (future) corporate wellbeing partner 🤩

2. What exactly do we do?

We make wellbeing universally accessible and affordable for every employee.

3. Which gyms and studios are in our network?

Nuffield Health, Bannatyne, Everyone Active, F45 and more.

4. Who are some of our wellbeing partners?

Fabulous, Lifesum and Calm to name a few.

5. And what if your workforce is entirely remote or enjoying a hybrid work model?

Not a problem, we offer in-person and virtual options for everyone, across 9 countries.

6. How can employees sign up?

Once your company is set up with Gympass, your employees can easily sign up on our app and start using it right away – no need to approve each sign up.

7. How flexible are our plans?

We offer 6 affordable and flexible plans for your employees to choose from – no contracts or cancellation fees, starting at £7.99/mo.

8. How do we help you engage your employees about this benefit?

We have an entire team dedicated to helping you, from launching Gympass internally to engaging your workforce throughout our partnership. We’ll show you how we do this!

9. But wait, what’s the catch?

No catch, we’re celebrating 10 years of doing this – and it’s been working wonders.

10. And how can you learn more about us?

Contact us and one of our team members will book some time to introduce you to the world of Gympass.


A lot has changed since 2012, but one thing remains the same: we want to be the best wellbeing benefit for your team. Speak to our team and see how you can continue your company’s wellbeing journey with Gympass today.