How does wellbeing and creating a culture of wellness benefit the entire organisation?

Are your employees disengaged? If so, it could be costing your business. A recent study shows that 85% of the global workforce disengaged. The effect? An estimated loss of $225.8 billion annually. This comes from a combination of workplace illness, injury, and absenteeism. At roughly $1,600 lost per employee, it’s clear that investing in a healthy, engaged workforce will save companies money in the long term.

In a recent study, 43% of respondents felt that programs designed to benefit employee wellbeing not only reinforce the organisation’s mission and vision, but 60% report these initiatives positively impact employee retention. Finally, 61% believe they improve employee engagement and overall productivity.

Programs that enrich and foster a corporate culture of wellness resulted in:

Creating a culture of wellness improves employee engagement and inspires workers to generate more innovative ideas, create more new business, and have better entrepreneurial energy. These same employees had 70% fewer accidents, took 56% fewer sick days, and has 25% less absenteeism. It’s no wonder why companies with engaged employees outperform their competition 200%. Yes, 200%!

Ultimately, offering any benefit doesn’t guarantee universal participation, but creating a culture of wellness does ensure employees will engage in healthy behaviours that positively impact corporate culture—and your bottom line.

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