A major challenge faced by companies is keeping their employees motivated, especially in times of crises. Motivation at work is a strategic issue in the corporate scenario. Commitment in the performance of one’s duties, work satisfaction, talent retention and the elevation of the company status in the social scenario are only a few advantages of having a team committed to exceeding their limits on behalf of organisational interests.

In view of the several benefits that may arise from an increase in the level of employee satisfaction and commitment, companies must use their resourcefulness to boost employee confidence in the success of the business. As a result, the work performed by all employees will help reach the employer’s expectations.

Work motivation is intimately related to the level of employee productivity, and to foster this feeling of enthusiasm and engagement with organisational goals makes a great difference in an increasingly competitive market. This correlation – motivation/productivity – creates a virtuous circle, in which the entire company wins: both managers and employees.

Considering the relevance of this topic to your company’s success, we have selected six tips to help you encourage your employees to adopt a proactive and engaged attitude at work. Check it out!

1- Care for your organisational environment

Employees spend most of their days at work. Therefore, it is important to ensure it is a pleasant, organised and peaceful place, which favours work productivity and the development of creative, innovative and cooperative actions.

The organisational environment is the psychological sphere of the organisation; it is where employees interact with one another. Therefore, it is essential to care for its health, as it will contribute to every person’s well-being and help the performance of their tasks in a more qualitative and efficient manner.

In an environment such as this, employees will surely feel more determined to produce more and better.

2- Encourage interpersonal relationships

Work related interpersonal relationships are the main connection employees have with the company, and they also form an effective motivational mechanism.

In addition to being essential for the good development of activities – as it makes the work day lighter and more enjoyable – keeping a good relationship with co-workers provides a greater integration of the group, and improves teamwork.

A harmonious interaction between colleagues also encourages the implementation of collaborative work and, consequently, contributes to the vigour and quality of team activities; after all, unity is strength, is it not?!

3- Establish challenging but attainable goals

Few things motivate more human beings than a challenge. The feeling of being provoked to overcome limits so that one reaches worthwhile objectives is a great way to promote motivation at work and encourage employees to contribute in an even more striking manner to reaching goals.

However, these goals need to be in line with the organisation’s dynamics and with reality. Establishing unreasonable or unattainable goals – no matter how much team effort is put into it -, will not only discourage employees, but bring on a sense of frustration and failure.

Therefore, when time comes to establish the results expected, consider the elements available to the company -manpower, equipment, technology, etc. –, and ensure employees have enough time to fulfil all goals set out for them.

4- Give feedback

People frequently get anxious about the outcome of their work. This is more common when starting a new job, changing roles, or simply, when the organisation sets challenging goals. In such cases, all one really wants to know how one is effectively doing, how is one’s performance.

This is when one notices the importance of feedback, as it provides the employee with parameters to check the quality of the work carried out, assess real performance and, if necessary, become aware of what changes would need to be implemented.

The success of the organisation depends on how well the profile of its employees is aligned with the needs and goals of the company. The purpose of the feedback is, therefore, to correct eventual gaps and reinforce successful actions, so that the company takes on a prosperous path.

5- Reward your employees’ good performance

Rewarding employees for their good performance is another great way to boost motivation, and we are not only talking about financial recognition.

More than just a good salary or a raise at the end of the month, employees wish to be recognized for what they do, and this is fair, after all the company expects them to give their best every day, overcoming expectations and reaching their goals. So, a leader must know how to recognize the team’s good performance.

An honest compliment, a day off or even the possibility of getting a promotion are great ways to encourage employees to continue to work hard, to motivate them to give their best for the organisation.

6- Invest in endomarketing

Endomarketing is a marketing strategy directed to the organisation’s internal audience: its employees. Focused on winning the trust of its own team, this technique can be very effective in increasing motivation at work and keeping the team engaged with company’s goals through activities aimed at awakening a positive impression about the organisation.

To attain this, you can invest in efficient internal communications, in employee integration events, in granting some benefits, in organisational environment surveys, etc. The point is that implementing actions directed to employees will awaken their gratitude for the company, and that will make them more satisfied with their work, and will boost the entire team’s motivation.

Please remember that this feeling of work satisfaction will also bring on the feeling of loyalty to the institution, and that will retain talents and avoid the undesirable employee turnover.

Do team members stay engaged in your company? Share your experience and tips with us in the comments! 😀