When companies are fighting tooth and nail to attract and retain talented staff, it pays to know what they’re looking for. Especially as, if you fail to woo your staff, they’ll simply jump ship.

According to a survey by CV-Library, swathes of UK workers are looking to move on this year – 84.4% revealed plans to seek a new job in 2017, and more than a third (35.8 per cent) dislike their present job. Another 35.1% admitted to thinking about quitting frequently or often.

So, what are these disillusioned employees unhappy about? The survey named a number of areas that are making our workers want out, including:

  • Poor company culture
  • Bad management
  • Feeling undervalued
  • No development opportunities
  • Poor work/life balance

What do employees want?

The short answer is employees want added benefits. Of course, everybody wants a decent salary but these days your staff expect so much more, such as a sense of purpose and a career that can be developed and nurtured – and to feel valued by their employer.

A survey by Glassdoor found that almost four in five (79%) of employees would take new or additional benefits over a pay increase. Women and younger employees specifically were more interested in additional benefits than pay.

The most popular benefits were related to influenced work/life balance, company culture and feeling that their employer cares about them. Health insurance, office perks such as a free lunch or casual dress, and gym membership or wellness programmes were among the top benefits named by employees.

Here are some of the top answers we found:

  1. Career progression
    One of the major priorities for employees is the chance to develop within a company. In the CV-Library study, almost three-quarters (73.3%) named development and progression as important to them in a job. With that in mind, investing in training so staff don’t stagnate at work makes complete sense.
  2. Benefits
    Workplace perks are another priority for job candidates and employees. Glassdoor found that three in five people consider benefits and perks to be a major factor when considering a job offer.While not all companies can afford to offer free massages, there are still lots of benefits that companies can offer without breaking the bank. For example, free exercise classes or subsidised gym membership are a big winner with employees – and what about a day off for their birthday?

This sort of perk shows your employees that you care – not only about their welfare, but about their happiness at work, too.

  1. Flexible working

Flexible working is increasingly one of the key things a talented job candidate will look for in a new role. As many as 82% of employees told researchers that they would choose a job that offered flexible working over one that didn’t.

Flexible working helps employees maintain a better work/life balance (90%), and from the employers’ point of view, there’s no reason not to offer flexible working patterns – 67% of employees said they felt their productivity levels increased or at least stayed the same.

You can’t put a price on health: companies of choice choose gym membership

In our research we found one perk that tended to stand out, and that’s gym membership. After the obvious things such as pay, health insurance and additional holiday time, gym membership is often cited as one of the most popular optional benefits on offer.

Employers should be looking at subsidised gym membership and other benefits that impact on a worker’s wellbeing, as talented staff will often stick with a company that cares about them.

If working for a company continues to benefit their long-term health and wider quality of life, employees will struggle to think of a reason to give all that up and look elsewhere.

Not only does gym membership help employers take responsibility for their health, it also positively impacts absenteeism as a result of improved physical and mental wellbeing.

If that wasn’t enough, it also plays its part in building a strong and positive company culture, too – after all, when workers head off to the gym together, they’re also cementing their relationships and developing their ability to work as a team.

Staff hold all the cards

Employers would be wise to listen to what job candidates want, because as the number of unemployed people continues to shrink, and with it, the talent pool, it’s the workers who hold all the cards.

A combination of attractive perks, social events and development opportunities will create the positive work culture that talented staff are looking for – and these kinds of initiatives will make them think twice about turning down a job offer or looking elsewhere.

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