Your company’s success hinges upon your ability to promote productivity and retain top talent. With 75% of employees citing their jobs as a major source of stress, employers across the globe are under increasing pressure to implement a wellness program that will help employees enjoy a higher quality of life. Below is a look at the perils of a stressful work environment and the key reasons why Gympass is the perfect solution for employers who are searching for a cost-effective means of improving employees’ quality of life in the workplace.

What are the key symptoms of a stressful corporate environment?

A stressful corporate environment can lead to a variety of occupational hazards that can hinder productivity and employee retention. Without an effective program to combat stress, employers run the risk of experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Decreased productivity: Employees who work long hours in a stressful environment often do not get sufficient rest. This leads to a decline in productivity among most employees who do not get 7-8 hours of sleep per night.
  • Increased absenteeism: Insufficient sleep, stress, and a higher likelihood of occupational disease combine to lead to greater absenteeism among workers who are stressed to the brink.
  • Employee turnover: Poor work-life balance, decreased productivity, and higher absenteeism can leave employees feeling burned out and unfulfilled in their roles. Ultimately, these symptoms can result in higher rates of turnover and increased hiring-related expenses for employers.
  • Poor work-life balance: Employees who consistently work long hours in a demanding environment often find that they are unable to maintain productive relationships with family and friends. They also may find themselves spending less time participating in extracurricular activities that they used to enjoy.
  • Occupational diseases: Maladies such as asthma, silicosis, and noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) are more likely to arise when employees work long hours exposed to noise, extreme elements, or infectious germs. Reactions may be immediate, gradual, or delayed depending on conditions and hours worked.
  • Client dissatisfaction: Stressed employees, lackluster performance, absent workers, and poor employee retention can negatively impact the products and service that customers receive. This can cause client satisfaction to suffer and may even result in canceled contracts.
  • Lower revenue: Unhappy customers and canceled contracts can drive your clients and their dollars directly into the arms of your competitors, causing your revenue to suffer. Your industry reputation and referral business may also take a hit.

How can company leaders create a healthier work environment?

Battling the problems associated with a stressful workplace is not easy. You must develop a strategic plan that stresses wellness and productivity. Below are four steps that company leaders can take to prevent the symptoms outlined above:

young businesswoman eating salad during her lunch at desk1) Create a healthful workplace culture: The cornerstone of a more healthful work force is a company culture that emphasizes wellness. Health and well-being should be outlined as top priorities by company executives as evidenced by the following:

  • Onboarding programs that stress employee health and wellness
  • Training initiatives designed with a focus on wellness
  • Cafeterias and vending machines that feature nutritious food choices
  • Periodic health screening activities to increase early identification of illness and disease

2) Encourage a flexible work environment: Flexible work environments help employees attain a fruitful work-life balance. This is critical, as research indicates that workers are more likely to be motivated to exceed expectations for employers who are sensitive to their personal lives. Additionally, flexibility helps reduce stress and foster engagement among employees. Examples of flexible work environments include telecommuting, home office work, and job sharing.

3) Implement a wellness program: Wellness programs are designed to target and eliminate the symptoms of a stressful work environment. The ultimate goal is to foster a higher quality of life among employees who participate. While every wellness program is different, there are some core elements that make a program successful:

  • A focus on attaining measurable results
  • High membership rates among employees
  • Easy access for employees

4) Incentivize employees to participate in wellness activities. Implementing a well-being program is a great step to take to bolster health and productivity. However, you must properly promote the program to best combat the symptoms of a stressful corporate environment. You can incentivize employees to participate in wellness programs by offering rewards for attaining fitness goals or exhibiting significant improvements in weight or health status.

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10 Reasons why Gympass is the best wellness program for your organization

Not all wellness programs are created equal. Ideally, a program should offer convenience, outstanding results, and global success. Below are 10 reasons why Gympass is a great addition to your company’s total wellness initiative:

1) Improved employee retention. By helping to improve the quality of life for participating workers, Gympass helps reduce costly employee turnover. Top talent is more likely to remain on board and growth is facilitated.

2) A 90% satisfaction rate. Gympass yields employee satisfaction rates that are among the highest in the industry. With up to 70% of employees participating in Gympass programs, it is easy to see why the percentage of employees suffering from cardiovascular disease or obesity decreased.

3) Gympass has a fantastic, user-friendly platform. Gympass offers an unparalleled level of convenience for busy employees who want to track their gym visits. Employees can easily check in with their mobile phones using the Gympass app or website. Their gym entry is then validated by the receptionist and entry is granted as if they were regular gym members.

4) Flexibility is a top priority. Gympass offers employees the option of purchasing a comprehensive Gympass plan or a convenient day pass that allows employees to use the gym whenever they wish. This element of convenience makes it easy for employees who travel to continue their exercise activities while they are on the road.

5) An international track record of success. One of the most impressive advantages of Gympass is its international scope. Recognized by over 23,000 gyms worldwide, Gympass has become a global leader in wellness programs. You can find partners and gyms in over 4,000 cities across the globe. Gympass has a particularly strong presence in Brasil, Mexico, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Chile, and France.

6) A robust portfolio of satisfied partnersGympass stands out from other programs because they have an impressive collection of partners. From small boutique studios to local gyms to giant chains, Gympass offers customers an extensive selection of fitness options from which to choose.

7) Gympass is designed for businesses of all types and sizes. Gympass caters to nearly every type of business. Whether you are a small business with 50 employees or a large corporation with 500,000 employees, Gympass is prepared to help you and your employees improve their quality of life.

8) Emphasis on a supportive but challenging environment. A wellness program must strike the proper balance between pushing participants to achieve their goals and providing a supportive infrastructure. With their meritocratic culture, Gympass encourages participation among all employees but requires a commitment to achieving significant results.

9) Worldwide recognition. Gympass has been instrumental in helping companies reduce absenteeism by 30% and decrease healthcare costs by 20%. Not surprisingly, some companies who use Gympass have received top international honors for their progress in the employee health arena. For instance, Unilever received the Global Healthy Workplace Award for using Gympass to bolster employee wellness.

10) Gympass offers free trials. If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of Gympass, you can easily request a free trial. You can simply register your organization to receive a free pilot trial for your company.

Final Considerations

Clearly, Gympass offers a host of benefits to organizations in search of a convenient, results-oriented wellness program to help combat workplace stress. Take the first step toward putting Gympass into practice at your organization and find out today how Gympass can improve the health and personal wellbeing of your employees!