While a few hot summer days remain, the morning air has already become crisp and cool in some parts of the country. Autumn is approaching, and with it come opportunities to try new things, like seasonal foods or cheering for your favorite football team. It’s also an excellent time to think about fall fitness and encouraging your employees to stay motivated and fit as the seasons change.

Consider these fall fitness training tips

The cool mornings of autumn offer a chance to move outdoors and embrace fall fitness routines. In addition to developing a fall fitness routine, spending time in natural spaces can significantly improve employee wellbeing.

If you want to give employees some extra motivation with the changing season, encourage them to try something new in their exercise routines. Multiple studies show that introducing variety will not only help people stay fit and avoid injuries, but could increase their motivation to continue training and also make workouts more enjoyable.

Now’s a good time to communicate to employees about the wellbeing power of fall fitness. Ideas include:

  • Reevaluating fitness goals — to take into account the potential impacts of colder, wetter weather
  • Rethinking the best time to work out — as the days get shorter and cooler, employees may find it beneficial to to change their habits
  • Stocking up on fresh in-season produce — to help employees save money and get the vitamins and nutrition they need
  • Learning workouts they can do at home — so they can get in a workout on days they can’t get to the gym
  • Exercising with family members or friends — to help employees stay motivated and share their goals to boost encouragement
  • Incorporating fitness into children’s sporting events — walking the perimeter of a soccer field or doing basic exercises during a cross-country meet

For employees who prefer to stay in the gym for their fall fitness routine, consider encouraging them to break free from the same old machines and see what other services their current gym, or another one, might offer — maybe swimming, fitness classes, or working with a personal trainer.

Help build a resilient, productive, and engaged workforce

In our recent post, Returning to the Workplace: So Much to Consider and Tips to Get It Right, we shared that 42.8% of workers in the U.S. say physical activity was the single most impactful thing they did to support their mental health over the last year. The habit of exercise has taken hold, and will continue. 

Companies can respond to this trend, and contribute to building a more resilient workforce, by providing robust wellness support for employees they can take advantage of year-round. Especially as companies work to develop their remote or hybrid work models this fall, employee wellness and exercise programs can help people stay healthy all year while providing the added benefits of increased energy and productivity.