To maintain a successful business, you need to focus as much energy on creating a positive work environment as you do on making sales. Providing your employees with the support and resources needed to thrive is a practice that fosters company success from the inside out. But for many HR departments, figuring out where to begin can prove challenging. 

The first step is to understand the basics of what most employees are looking for. Some areas that are commonly reported as high on workers’ list of must-haves include transparency from higher-ups, room to speak freely, and access to resources. 

Now that you understand where to start, consider how your organization can incorporate the following ideas. 

3 Business Changes That Will Help Employees Feel Supported


1. Apprise Them of What Is Happening

It is impossible for employees to succeed if they do not know what they need to focus on. A lack of transparency is commonly reported as one of the biggest hurdles workers face. For example, if the sales team is not aware that the company is looking to increase revenue brought in by a specific product, they will not have any way of doubling down their efforts in this area. This can lead to seemingly unfair pushback from higher-ups, which could drive employees to seek employment elsewhere.

Keeping team members informed of the state of the business at all times is one of the easiest ways to ensure they feel supported. By providing insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the company, employees can modify their daily efforts as needed to satisfy requirements and meet expectations.

2. Provide Resources That Allow Them to Thrive

Reports from the World Health Organization have found that roughly 450 million people experience some type of mental health issue worldwide, making it likely a good percentage of your employees have at least one active diagnosis. These conditions can directly impact a person’s ability to succeed in their job, and without adequate resources to manage their condition, it can be nearly impossible to thrive.

Implementing wellness benefits that provide access to mental health resources is one of the most effective ways to provide employees with support in this area. Company-wide benefits help protect your employee’s privacy, as they will not be required to disclose their condition if they do not want to. It also ensures all employees have access to the necessary care, so everyone in the business has an equal playing field to succeed.

3. Maintain an “Open Door” Policy

It is not uncommon for employees to face challenges or confusion in the workplace. Unfortunately, not all workers feel comfortable bringing these issues up to their managers. This can lead to feelings of isolation, frustration, and disconnect. Implementing an open-door policy will ensure your employees feel secure in addressing any difficulties they may be facing. By allowing for open, honest, and transparent conversations, your workers will feel as though they have a stable support system that allows them to make mistakes and learn.


Ensuring the overall wellbeing of your employees is the best way to foster a sense of support. For those enterprises looking to increase access to care for mental and physical health, Gympass is the way to go. We offer plans that include an extensive range of wellness resources, from meditation support with partners like Calm®, to one-on-one therapy sessions with partners like iFeel®. Check us out here to learn more about our offerings.