Cesar Carvalho, CEO & Co-Founder

When it comes to employee retention and satisfaction at work, most people immediately turn to factors such as salary, time off, workload, and team dynamics. While there’s no doubt that all these elements impact workforce morale, my time as a business leader has taught me that creating a culture that produces happy employees is more complex than providing unlimited PTO.  

There is clear evidence that investing in and building meaningful relationships with employees contributes to positive workplace culture. However, in my mind, an often-overlooked aspect of employee satisfaction—and therefore, employee retention—is the health of the individuals who power your business.

I once thought that this was beyond the employer’s control, but as the Gympass team grows, it has become clear to me that, in fact, the opposite is true – and many others agree.

Research shows a distinct positive correlation between corporate leaders who make an effort to improve employee health and employee satisfaction. In fact, Deloitte’s 2018 Human Capital Trends found that 43% of millennials, notorious job-hoppers, cited wellness benefits as a reason for remaining at their current organization, with 60% stating that they believed wellbeing programs improved employee retention, productivity, and bottom-line business results.

Wellness benefits do more than just retain current employees—a study revealed that 87% of candidates consider wellness benefits when evaluating a job offer. In a survey of 1,800 workers, 47% said they would participate in company wellness programs to improve overall physical health.

At Gympass, we hold these values close to our chest. I even go to fitness courses with our employees, encouraging the active, healthy, and ultimately happy lifestyle that has encouraged both retention and recruitment. As I’ve written on my last article – How Sticking to my Fitness Routine Helped Me at Work – “Completing group fitness activities helped us get to know one another, build trust, and foster healthy competition.”

Challenges to Employee Wellbeing

It is clear that employees are more health conscious than ever. But even if employees are offered these benefits, I have found that many employees struggle with starting or maintaining a regular fitness schedule. Employees at various companies often list lack of accessibility to fitness centers, lack of knowledge around employer wellness programs, and lack of time to fully commit to living healthier lives.

Because the benefits of exercise are not immediate, it can be difficult to stay motivated to adhere to a fitness routine. Even worse, it’s easy to feel intimidated when entering a gym or trying out an activity you’re not comfortable with. I know I’ve felt it before.

That’s why just offering access to weights and treadmills is not enough for today’s fitness-seekers. A diverse world deserves a diverse wellness program. Fitness is the destination, but there are countless routes to get there.

A fitness program like Gympass, with something for everyone to enjoy, can help employees avoid #gymtimidation and can be a great solution for the workplace. I see it every day here as some employees have found that they still prefer to go to traditional full-service gyms while others have found activities they love in yoga studios, Crossfit sessions, cycling classes and more.

Gympass: Designed to Help Employees Find Happiness

While 46% of smaller employers, and 83% of larger employers, offer some form of wellness program, few offer a program that has the ability to be tailored to an individual’s lifestyleBy making access to fitness flexible, employers have the power to help their employees achieve their fitness goals and in the end, become happier.

What Gympass provides is not just access to gyms, but a pathway for users to discover a better version of themselves. By working directly with employers, Gympass makes access to fitness centers simple, convenient, and cost-effective for employees. And with hundreds of ways to get fit, we truly believe that everyone can find some activity to love. Together, employer, employee, and wellness program can defeat inactivity!

Cesar Carvalho is the co-founder and CEO of Gympass. Carvalho oversees worldwide operations implementing the company’s overall strategy. He is based out of Gympass’ headquarters in New York City.