One secret to growing a cohesive, healthy, and productive team is to unite everyone with indoor team building activities. These events lead to effective teamwork, communication, and productivity, and by hosting regular activities, you’ll be able to strengthen relationships and get to know team members better.

If you are intentional about motivating your employees to produce results and grow your business, the last thing you want to do is treat them like a bunch of lone-wolf agents. Team building is any protocol, strategy, action, or initiative designed to unite individuals together so they can collaborate toward a common goal. It is a significant tool in the business world that aligns the interests of people with different personalities and work styles.

The most effective indoor team-building practices are favorable for extroverted and introverted people in a structured, natural, and goal-oriented way. With new generations capturing top leadership positions in workplaces, there is a need to work toward effective collaboration. This is how companies achieve meaningful milestones and set themselves up for future success.

Importance of Team Building

Team building boils down to trust and whether you can count on your fellow workmates to execute duties without difficulty. To be trusted and to trust those you work with, you have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone and interact with people. It takes understanding, networking, and communication.

A huge value of social team relationships is that they help to combat stress that leads to burnout. Moreover, team building indoors helps demonstrate to employees that they are valued and appreciated by setting aside some time for reconnecting with each other. Through enjoying team-building activities, employees are conversant with how each individual operates; hence they can accomplish and achieve low-stakes tasks. The lines of communication are strengthened, connections are built, and a clearer picture that reflects everyone’s strengths and collaborative ability is created.

When your team is connected, company culture prospers. Coworkers enjoy coming to work each day, ideas are more easily shared between team members, and top-tier talent gravitates towards a fun and engaging work environment.

Indoor Team Building Activity Ideas

Although there are many exciting outdoor team building activities, weather, cost, or space often require these activities to take place indoors. Staying indoors doesn’t have to cramp your style. Below are some great indoor team-building activities to encourage creativity and boost morale.

Trivia Game

Trivia games involve a team of players competing to answer general knowledge questions based on many different topics. They are excellent for informal and formal settings as well as entertainment activities. Trivia teams can consist of multiple or single members, although they are more enjoyable when more parties are involved.

 A trivia game is considered a low-effort game that gives employees a chance to flex their esoteric knowledge with fellow workmates and here’s the kicker — you don’t have to be in-person to enjoy the game since they  can be created and shared using online quiz tools!

Board Game Tournament

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to get even the most hesitant employee participating. Stock the company closet with a few classic board games, or invite team members to bring their favorites — whether it’s Charades, Monopoly or Jenga, everyone should have options to choose from.

With board games,  players have the opportunity to focus on something lighthearted without stressing over work. Not only does team-based games leave room for socializing between players, it also opens up a sense of trust so they can rely on one another during challenging moments of the game.

Guided Meditation

Meditation has been around since the beginning of time, but has recently become more commonplace in offices. Take a breather as a team with guided meditations and discover new ways of relieving stress and finding work-life wellness. Does your company offer mental health resources or mediation apps as part of its benefits package? Leverage these tools with your team.

Escape Room

Also referred to as a puzzle room, an escape room is a real-life, 60-minute, immersive adventure game where players solve puzzles, discover clues and accomplish tasks. Your team will need to work together to crack the codes and escape in under one hour. Escape rooms are a great way to strengthen cooperation skills and solve challenging problems together.

Find a local escape room to visit, purchase a board game version, or find details online for setting up your own.

Cooking Challenge

Holding a workplace cooking challenge as part of an indoor team-building activity is an interactive way of allowing the employees to form connections in a casual atmosphere. Get your team trying new techniques, sharing recipes of their own, and finding new healthy recipes.

Beyond the team building benefits, cooking challenges also provide an opportunity to promote healthy nutritional habits in the workplace.

Have Lunch Together

As simple as it sounds, gathering the team to have lunch together is one of the most effective ways to build social bonds and go beyond talking shop. Everyone has to eat, so you might as well make it an event and go somewhere together.

With 78% of workers saying that taking a lunch break increases their job performance, team lunch is an opportunity you should take advantage of. The chance to unwind and get outside the usual work environment helps employees connect and come back to work refreshed.

Casino Night

Shake up the normal routine with a casino night. Have your team invite a plus one and hand out some fake money to play with. Even if the money is fake, the prizes better be real! Get to know the important people in your team’s life and see who has the best poker face.

Try a Fitness Class

You know what they say: the team that sweats together, stays together. Get some blood pumping at a team fitness class. Hire a local yoga practice to teach a lesson in your office or see if your self proclaimed “team yogi” is interested in leading a session. Get out any stress from the week at a boxing gym or zumba class. See what activities your team is interested in and plan accordingly.


Team building games that can be done indoors are a great way to strengthen relationships and problem solving skills, no matter the weather. So, when is your next team building activity? Get planning!

Team-building activities are only the beginning. Are you ready to take your company culture further? Talk to a Gympass wellbeing specialist today and give your most valuable assets the support they need to remain healthy, happy and engaged in improving themselves as they improve your business.




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