It isn’t rocket science – happy employees are more engaged and productive. Here are five ways to motivate your team to bring their best selves to work. 

Invest in your Office Environment

Most people spend most of their days at work, so it’s important that it’s a lively and inspiring place to be. Your office environment reflects who you are and what your company is about, so take the time to make it a place people want to be.

Encouraging a collaborative and productive workplace starts with a thoughtful design! Make sure that employees have everything they need to get the job done – from basic supplies to snacks and beanbags. An office that reflects the culture and ethos of its mission and employees will work wonders on employee morale and productivity.

Create Opportunities to Socialize 

Facilitate an activity outside the workplace. Help organize a game of ultimate frisbee, or take your team to trivia night – whatever works! A close team will be more engaged, productive, and motivated to reach their goals.

Motivate your Team with Regular Feedback

Quell supervisee anxiety by creating a weekly 1-to-1 check-in. These regular check-in meetings are a great opportunity to learn more about your employees’ professional interests, problem-solve, and build your relationship. Regularly meeting allows you to stay in-the-know about a project’s status and remain on course for success.

By keeping clear and open lines of communication, there is no confusion about what is expected and how the project and performance reviews will be measured. A company’s success relies on its workforce being aligned with its mission, values, and goals. Open and honest communication reinforces successful actions and builds trust between leaders and their teams.

Recognize a Job Well Done

This one’s easy. If someone does a great job, make sure to publically thank them for their hard work! Recognize your employees regularly for small wins, big achievements, or simply a job well done. A great leader must know how to recognize the team’s good performance, and call out their efforts at every opportunity.

Invest in Internal Marketing

Win your team’s trust with internal marketing. This technique can be very effective in increasing motivation at work and helping keep teams engaged with the company’s goals through community development initiatives.

All work and no play never helped anyone. Remember, actively nurturing an ongoing relationship with your workforce more often than not increases retention while lowering absenteeism.

Your turn. Share your favorite internal marketing initiative with us!