A positive workplace environment is a key factor in increasing the wellness of employees. Not only does the practice of intentional positivity increase one’s overall wellness but it has been directly linked to increased productivity and lowered stress levels in the workplace.

It is true that happy employees are also more optimistic about their workload, more content with their role in a company and more productive.

When employees are feeling a positive vibe at work they are more likely to remain in their current position rather than seeking new employment and will often strive for internal promotion rather than a pay raise elsewhere. Additionally, when employers spend energy working toward clear ways to increase positivity in the workplace there are distinct benefits for everyone involved. Increased wellness, morale and productivity are just the tip of the iceberg.

Corporate wellness practitioner and Registered Dietitian Caroline Susie explains, “When employees needs are met and/or [employees] are provided resources for success via a wellness program, employers see high engagement, morale, presenteeism, retention, and in most cases, improved health outcomes”.

So, how does an employer create a positive workplace environment and thus increase the overall wellness of the staff? What steps can be taken to promote success and positivity amongst employees?

Following these three targeted areas of growth will help to instill a positive vibe throughout the workplace and will ultimately spread company-wide with continued practice.

Appreciate the Individual

Employers who practice regular employee appreciation tactics will see a general increase in employee job satisfaction. This idea alone can help to promote a positive atmosphere but will grow by leaps and bounds if implemented with a plan in mind.

Make gratitude a company value

Working toward a consistent practice of saying “thank you” is a sure way to allow employees to know they are valued. Handwritten notes which are personalized for each employee is a great habit to start. Employers who regularly thank employees and encourage employees to thank each other are simply starting the ball rolling to a happier workplace.

Celebrate success

Noticing when employees and coworkers have done something right is an overlooked skill. Encourage your employees to inform you when their coworkers have achieved success at some part of their job or a small task. Then, celebrate it! This can be done with a simple word of praise or with a cupcake extravaganza. Start traditions within your company to handle the small and the big celebrations.

Prioritize Work/Life Balance

Now that your employees are aware that they are personally appreciated as individuals it is important to also allow them to recognize that you realize they have a life outside of the workplace. Employees want to understand that you value their life beyond the walls of work and that you think it is important. In 2019, professionals are enjoying working in organizations that value their wellness outside of their cubicles – and invest in their potential.

Employers are offering healthier food options, incentivizing physical exercise and creating environments which promote their employees’ overall wellness. By demonstrating your desire for your employees to have healthy lifestyles you show them to see you value their lives outside the office but also having a positive influence on their feelings of importance to the company at large.

Some ideas to consider:

  • Allowing work-from-home days when employees reach certain milestones
  • Holding meetings outside on particularly nice days
  • Ending the work hours early on a certain day a month
  • Providing a free, healthy lunch for employees to enjoy together
  • Hire a yoga instructor or masseuse to come to the workplace during lunch
  • Host a potluck lunch in the conference room
  • Coordinate a “walking meeting” and plan a route to walk and talk
  • Encourage bring your child to work day, bring your pet to work day, and other activities to include employee family members in the workplace environment
  • Gift employees pedometers and host a step challenge
  • Earning extra personal days with contests, or special projects

By giving your employees time to recharge their bodies as well as their minds you will ultimately be increasing their productivity during working hours.

Cultivate a Culture of Positivity

There is growing proof that positive workplace cultures produce more productive employees, and that businesses which practice the tenants of positivity will outshine places where employees feel stuck in their jobs.

By tending to, and cultivating this positive culture, employers are more likely to see an overall increase in reaching company goals. This is accomplished by making sure your staff feels that they are part of the big picture and that they are truly appreciated. Cultivating a culture of togetherness and community success is what maintaining positivity is all about.

Use positive communication techniques and train your staff to do the same. These skills involve initiating messages of gratitude, celebrating community success, and encouraging collaboration with peers. By changing the mindset at work, you are changing the outlook of production possibilities as well.