Supporting Employee Health and Wellbeing in the Wake of COVID-19

In the face of a global pandemic, employees have had to implement significant changes to their working lives that would normally take years, in only a matter of months. Coupled with social isolation, economic uncertainty, and few options for escape, many people are overwhelmed by deep fatigue, extreme stress, work-life imbalance, and financial anxiety.

10 Essential Readings for Mental Health Month

This e-book will support you with information, tips, and tools to overcome challenges and be able to support the wellbeing of each and every one of your employees. With a short introduction to each of those 10 resources, we make available to you links to download and dive deeper into each one


How HR Leaders Can Support Employees Returning to Hybrid Work Models

The best way to return to the office space is for organizations to embrace a great solution to fit employee preferences while keeping them safe and happy — the hybrid work model.

The future of work is now: redefining and understanding new workplace trends

This eBook explores the future of work; how and why the workplace is transforming, which trends are driving these changes and finally what HR leaders can do to best support their employees.

Understanding and overcoming burnout in a new era

In this eBook, we aim to provide context on how stress might be affecting your employees, your company, and potentially be the leading cause of burnout. Most importantly, what you can do to help as an HR executive or leader.

How to build a well-nourished workforce and collect the benefits in the long haul

Our objective is to demonstrate the effectiveness of workplace health initiatives and present practical tips on how to implement solutions to improve the overall health and eating habits of your workforce.

How to experience mindful leadership at work

This ebook aims to present an uncomplicated yet effective overview to help you integrate mindfulness into your workplace and help employees feel the real benefits of another type of wellbeing approach.

Cultivating a new culture of
wellbeing in your company post-COVID-19

This ebook aims to guide HR professionals through a new, safe, and
supportive way to manage a remote team culture post COVID-19. Welcome
to the new normal.

Employee Wellbeing: How to Develop a Program That Boosts Retention and Productivity

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with helpful data and
information about the true costs of turnover, ways to influence productivity
and retention, and how employee wellbeing programs can enhance your
employee retention strategies.

Your Guide to Asking the Right Questions as Your Workplace Continues to Reopen

It’s important to first ask the right questions about how to thrive amid the uncertainty and new arrangements of reopening. And for optimal success and culture-building, you need to make sure you’re including everyone in the conversation.

Now, meditation really is for everyone

Meditation has been long proven to reduce mental and emotional stress, improve concentration and focus, and even mitigate illnesses. Download the guide to learn more on the benefits of meditation for you and your workforce, and how to help them develop a consistent practice.


Wellness Dollars: The HR Guide to Leveraging Funding to Implement Effective Wellbeing Programs

HR leaders know the importance of developing an employee wellness program. But funding is often one of the biggest obstacles they face. This guide describes what are Wellness Dollars, what they’re commonly used for, and how to make the most of them with corporate wellbeing platforms like Gympass.

The HR Leader’s Guide to Supporting Employees Returning to the Workplace

As employees begin to return to the office, you will need a plan in place for making them feel safe and to show them how you will support their overall wellbeing so that ultimately they can continue to be happy, healthy, and productive members of your organization.


Challenges and superpowers in the changing world of work

This guide aims to introduce HR leaders and executives to the crucial skills that will help them build a thriving workforce that urgently needs qualified professionals.


When a home becomes an office: what can leaders do to help employees stay productive while working remotely?

COVID-19 has forced dramatic and rapid changes to the way we all work, and remote working looks like it is here to stay. This guide aims to help you learn how to ensure your workforce remains productive at home and promoting a healthy work-life balance at the same time.


A practical guide to help your workforce cope with chronic diseases

Just as with anxiety, burnout or depression, companies need to be mindful of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure as. Understanding these diseases is essential to improving the health of your workforce and your long term battle in maintaining an effective culture.


Facing burnout with empathy in the workplace

Due to recent lifestyle changes resulting from COVID-19, over 69% of US
employees are experiencing symptoms of burnout while working from home. A combination of factors such as reduction of time off, loss of social interactions and low transparency regarding work expectations, make it a priority to deal with burnout right away.

Making the most of virtual therapy

COVID-19 and the lockdowns that came with it have transformed the way we look at online therapy. Now that people are realising it works, it’s here to stay.

Meditation is for everyone

There’s nothing magical about mindfulness or meditation. Much more than just a trend, meditation is an excellent way to take care of ourselves.

Good nutrition in the workplace

This guide aims to help you as a leader to endorse and practice the most effective habits to increase the quality of your employees’ nutrition.

How to introduce your workforce to essential soft skills

The best way to return to the office space is for organizations to embrace a great solution to fit employee preferences while keeping them safe and happy — the hybrid work model.


How to thrive in the ‘future of work’

This cheat sheet is perfect for HR leaders looking for ways to stay at the forefront as the workplace changes and evolves, including what they can do to best support their employees.


How to deal with chronic diseases in the workplace

In the health care system, one in five patients with a chronic disease has
reported experiencing discrimination. Learn more how best support your employees with chronic diseases.

How to build a healthier workforce

Real-life case studies show that health conscious companies outperform their goals and can even deliver roughly three times the returns to shareholders.

What you need to know about mindful leadership

Being mindful brings both personal and professional benefits to your life, and it is a powerful tool to embrace your daily interactions with a sense of calm and responsibility. Mindfulness helps reduce stress and anxiety, increases emotional intelligence and improves communication.


What is it and how to cope with work anxiety

Although feeling stressed at work, especially nowadays, is often expected and considered somewhat normal. Persistent, excessive, and irrational anxiety that interferes with your day to day might be a sign of a larger problem caused by pressure at work or your workload.

Find balance and overcome burnout

burnout happens when someone reaches their mental, emotional, and physical limits. People might not understand the real meaning behind the term, but many of us are starting to feel the effects as a result of the
recent changes and uncertainty in our work and personal lives.

PricewaterhouseCoopers: How Gympass is Helping PwC Achieve Wellness Program Goals

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is a leading global network of accounting firms founded over a century ago. One of PwC's pillars in 2021 is to "develop different, targeted strategies focused on fostering employee well-being", which drove PwC’s leadership team to partner with Gympass.

Download the success story now and learn more about how PwC made its “Be Well, Work Well” corporate program possible with Gympass.

AstraZeneca: With Gympass, the company has improved the quality of life of its employees

Founded in 1999 from the merger between the Swedish laboratory Astra AB and the British pharmaceutical company Zeneca Group, AstraZeneca is a global biopharmaceutical company, with more than 70,000 employees spread across 100 countries.

Download the success story now and discover how this partnership has impacted the quality of life of the pharmaceutical giant's employees.

U.S. Employers Enjoy a 43% Retention Gain for Active Gympass Users

Talent acquisition and retention are crucial for a business to thrive. Investing in employee wellness programs strongly correlates with boosted productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Gympass recently conducted a study of 17 U.S. companies with more than 1,000 employees to better understand the impact Gympass has on organizations in terms of turnover and employee retention.


Heineken: How Gympass' digital solutions can complement new wellbeing initiatives

Considered one of the world's largest companies in the beverage sector, the HEINEKEN group today has over 13,000 employees in Brazil. Since 2017, with the acquisition of Brasil Kirin, the organization has continued to expand and is currently among the largest beer producers in the country. Three years ago, in search of a way to improve the quality of life of its employees around the country, the company began a partnership with Gympass.


Ab Inbev: Gamification and its effect on maintaining high levels of engagement

Ab Inbev is one of the most globally significant companies in the beverage industry. For the last three years Ambev has offered Gympass as a wellness resource for all its employees - and the results of engagement (even during the pandemic) have been inspiring.

Afya: How Gympass can help strengthen your corporate cultura

Founded in 2019, Afya Educacional was born from the merger of NRE Educacional, one of the largest medical education groups in Brazil. Afya signed a partnership with Gympass in November 2019. Since then, employee feedback has been extremely positive.

Vale: The importance of strategic communication for high engagement

Founded in 1942 as the state-owned ‘Companhia Vale do Rio Doce’, today Vale is one of the largest private sector mining companies in the world. Vale
signed a partnership with Gympass - and ever since, the results in terms of
engagement have been substantial.


Avoiding the Great Resignation

 In the wake of the pandemic, workers are quitting their jobs in record numbers. As US employees are reevaluating, reprioritizing, and reflecting on what they do, HR has an opportunity to reassess company culture, benefits, and the employee experience to hire and retain top people.

Return To In-Person Workouts: Employees Want It, Employers Should Offer It

As vaccination rates rise and more U.S. companies move toward a hybrid working model or a fully reopened workplace, employees are starting to think about returning to conversations around the water cooler and other aspects of pre-pandemic life.

The State of Employee

- Why are so many employees disengaged?
- The ROI of engaged employees

How Workplace Wellness
Programs Make for Better,
Happier Employees

- Health
- Happiness
- Motivation
- Results

Recruiting (and retaining) millennials

- What do millennials look for in a prospective job?
- What makes millennials stay?
- What keeps them engaged?