It’s no secret that sleep plays an important role in a person’s overall health. Unfortunately, far too many people neglect this part of their wellness. Studies have found that, on average, 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep

This neglect can impact a broad range of areas in a person’s life, including their work. For that reason, HR departments should consider placing a focus on adequate rest when encouraging employee wellness. 


What Are the Negative Side Effects of Not Getting Enough Sleep?

The consequences of inadequate sleep are wide-ranging, from immediately apparent to long-term results. In the short term, a lack of proper sleep can decrease cognitive abilities, increase the chances of getting into an accident due to delayed reaction times and comprehension capabilities, increase the chances of sporadic mood swings, and decrease a person’s memory.

In the long-term, the side effects can be much more severe. Lack of sleep has been proven to cut down a person’s life span, primarily because it increases an individual’s chances of developing cardiovascular disease. It may also increase an individual’s chances of gaining weight or becoming obese, as well as decrease their immune system, fertility, and overall brain functions. 


How Can HR Help Promote Better Sleeping Habits Among Employees?

Although it may seem like a personal matter, there are times when HR teams should get involved in ensuring employees are getting adequate rest. After all, the side effects of not doing so could impact an employee’s ability to perform and produce at work. 

If your team is looking for ways to help foster better sleeping habits in employees, first consider what kinds of restrictions you can impose to encourage better work-life balance and sleep priorities. For example, could you implement strict cut-off hours in which employees are not allowed to work past a certain point each day? Imposing this rule could help workers avoid indulging in late nights and help them focus on getting more sleep. 

Next, consider how you can educate your employees on this issue. If your team members understand how sleep impacts their daily lives, they are more likely to be proactive about addressing this need. Consider hosting a corporate workshop that explains how sleep affects a person’s health, as well as offers tips on what workers can do to ensure adequate rest. You can then supplement this workshop by sending out newsletters that provide additional information on this subject.

Finally, consider which resources your employees might need in order to address this concern. For example, providing access to sleep programs will benefit them in numerous ways. Not only will it provide actionable tips and insights to help foster better habits, but it will also provide ongoing education to your employees so they understand why the steps they’re taking are beneficial. You should also consider offering access to relaxation resources like guided meditations so sleeping is easier. 

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